Amazon deals on tablets

There are some noteworthy discounts going on over at the Amazon store, so I thought I'd pass the information on. Not much in the way of books, unless you like adult colouring books, but a few interesting things in the computing section. May be useful for a last minute Chrsitmas present (such as to yopurself!).

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An interview concerning the scrapping of ICT

Kay Sawbridge, Faculty Leader of Computing and ICT in a secondary school, has been very active in campaigning against the Government's decision to scrap ICT qualifications. It's a bad decision that could leave thousands of students "disenfranchised" in terms of what they choose to study, and will almost certainly adversely affect a disproportionate number of girls.

In this article, taken from the next issue of the Digital Education newsletter, I interview Kay.

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7 Ways to make IT real: 6 Use what you have

Make use of what you already have.

What you have, in fact, is your pupils and other members of staff. Even if you are in a small school, or a large school but with no team, you may still be able to give your pupils the experience of addressing real problems through computing and ICT.

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