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What clients have said about me and my work

(For course-related testimonials only, please see Course Testimonials)

Testimonial from Cath Murray, of Schools Week

"Thank you for your review – it was very well written and received many compliments!" Cath Murray, Commissioning Editor and Head of Digital | Schools Week & FE Week

Testimonial from Callum Fauser, Editor of Primary School Management

I’ve found Terry to be a knowledgeable and valuable contributor to the magazine who can be relied upon to submit copy to deadline in accordance with the editorial brief. I’ve also come to appreciate his readiness to offer interesting ideas and pitches of his own, and would happily recommend his services to others.

Testimonial from Elaine Bennett, Editor of Teach Primary

Terry is full of ideas, reliable, friendly and very knowledgeable about primary computing. He regularly approaches me with ideas for future issues and is also happy to take on my suggestions for commissions.

Testimonial from Pete Henshaw, Editor of Sec-Ed

For more than a year now, Terry Freedman has written on issues of technology and esafety for SecEd's best practice section. His pieces always offer a range of solid, practical advice for our readers and signpost to clearly useful resources. It is for this reason that they are popular and well-read. His articles on the changes to computing education and curricula have also proved particularly invaluable for us. Terry is an excellent writer who can be relied upon to file clear, well written copy to deadline. He always has good suggestions for potential new articles and is also capable when working to brief.

Pete Henshaw, editor, SecEd (September 2017)

Testimonial from a company I blog for

Terry is professional, reliable, articulate and friendly to boot! He has a firm understanding of his subject matter and brings a unique insight from the world of teaching to our blog page with his writing.

Unsolicited comments about the Digital Education ezine

(I've had loads over the years, but haven't yet published them all.)

I’m an avid reader of your newsletter and often pick up ideas about books and strategies that further inform and inspire our work.

Helen Padgett, PhD, ISTE Past President. ISTE is the International Society for Technology in Education.

I'm pleased to be receiving all your hard work.


Your shared insights at Bett gave inspiration to find solutions beyond a ”research-only” view of ICT. I guess that is the main reason why I still have been a subscriber to your newsletter. You are a good reminder that it is a reality and has has been for a long time. Just not here. Have a great day and keep those inspiring newsletter coming!

Leo Larsson

Thank You very much for your good job.


Thank you for all the great newsletters and resources over the years :)

Mark Norwood, SEN Teacher of Project Based Learning working with children with behaviour difficulties excluded from mainstream education.

I so often forget to tell you THANK YOU for all your hard work on this 'zine you send us. I really do appreciate it!

Lynda Suzanne Shanks, M.A., Technology Integration, K-8, Social Studies, TEFL and Language Arts

Appreciate the work you do in this area.

Craig Hansen PhD (Cand)., MEd. Mgt.(hons)., BA., DipTchg, Head of Creative Arts & Technology, Springfield International School

An unsolicited comment about my work as a writer

Terry is great on technology - and awesome at deadlines.

Helen Mulley, Editor of Teach Secondary.

Testimonial about a bespoke Assessing Computing course

I recently ran a training day and workshop for a federation of schools on the subject of how to assess Computing. Here is what the Head of Department at the host school said:

Terry was very well informed and his research material was excellent and very relevant. He gave us a variety of alternative strategies, all backed by up-to-date and relevant research and was happy to discuss the pros and cons of each approach. When we had made a decision on the strategy we thought would work for our federation he then changed his proposed plan to support and facilitate our progress. We left the course with a positive outcome and a distinct way forward on how to proceed with assessment in our federation of schools. An excellent course well-resourced and thought-provoking, much appreciated by all who attended.

Pippa Higgs, Head of Computing and ICT

Comments received from delegates on a course on Assessing Computing

  • Course: Good. More focus on the aspects of assessment criteria. Patricia Holt

  • Presenter: Excellent knowledge & examples to think about take in the school. Patricia Holt

  • Course: Information/Questions where spot on, lots to think about. Mark Fegan

  • Presenter: Excellent course leader - engaging - interesting. Mark Fegan

  • Course: Very interesting - lots of ideas to look into back at school. Laura Ritchie

  • Presenter: Superb subject knowledge. Laura Ritchie

  • Course: Some very useful ideas. Andrew Brown

  • Course: Sharing useful approaches to assessment. Anne Davies

  • Presenter: Humorous. Good experience and knowledge. Anne Davies

For further comments about my assessing Computing courses, please see Course Testimonials.

Another unsolicited comment about the Digital Education ezine

"Thanks for all of the free info you continue to provide.  It really is an amazingly useful service for every teacher and headteacher - not just the ICT specialists."

Malcolm Payton, Director, E3Net Limited, and former Director of Education.


An unsolicited comment about our newsletter, Digital Education

Bob Harding, a freelance ICT consultant from Wiltshire, England, recently sent me a lovely email. Here’s what he wrote, reproduced here with his permission:

Terry … just wanted to say how much I value the work you do.

I think that you have one of the most professional approaches tocurriculum development and classroom support that I’ve come across.  I value the fact that you clearly put a lot of thought into what you release but that you are also happy to release things that don’t necessarily conform exactly to your thinking.

It’s very good of you to put SO much effort into sharing, informing and challenging – I definitely appreciate it and know that many other in this part of the world do as well.

Here are some of the comments received about a conference I chaired called Preparing for the new Computing Curriculum

I chaired the event, and Neil Rickus and I planned and ran a workshop session together.

  • Fantastic course, I am taking back loads of ideas to implement

  • Lots of information that can be used/tried – good to have enthusiastic speakers

  • Lots of ideas given – food for thought

  • Well delivered course, very informative

  • Comprehensive, relevant and using current information to present new computing curriculum in succinct chunks

  • Many inspiring speakers with great ideas for implementing the new computing curriculum

See Planning for the new Computing curriculum for more details, including the list of other speakers involved.

Here are the comments I received on courses I ran for teachers of Computing and ICT.

The courses were in differentiation in Computing, and assessing Computing.

Comments about the courses

  • Exactly what I need presently. Jane Eso

  • Informative, useful, practical, tons of tips/advice/resources. Lots to take back to school. Giannina Buckley

  • Good considering no one really knows what the DFE want. Nathan Davies

  • Brilliant course. Penelope Ross

  • Much better than I expected. Phillip Deackes

  • Very good...learnt lots and lots. Nice to see that what we are doing is on the right lines. A little rushed in the afternoon but there was lot and lots to cover in the day. Ian Bain

  • Very useful. Provided a good starting point for discussion. Sue Evans

  • Comprehensive given the uncertainty of the content. Jan Pattie

  • Good considering no one really knows what the DFE want. Nathan Davies

  • Thought provoking. Wish I'd come on it 9 months ago. Natalie Godfrey

  • So much information, quite scary. Joan Fuller

  • Brilliant. Thank you. Indira Sahin

  • Very informative. Steve McGuigan

  • Great tips and info in books. Great chance to think about many different approaches. Barbra Webber

Comments about me

  • Very friendly, nicely-presented resources. Christopher Horridge

  • Very informative and delivery was fine. Jane Eso

  • Great sense of humour – kept it real. Sue Evans

  • Very engaging and amazing. Julie Holland

  • Brilliant leader. Penelope Ross

  • Spot on! Phillip Deackes

  • Excellent! Very knowledgeable. Covered a wide variety of topic areas I didn’t even realise would be covered eg Ofsted. Giannina Buckley

  • Very knowledgeable. Ian Bain

  • Excellent. Nicola Brown

  • Excellent. Jan Pattie

  • Clearly very knowledgeable. Joan Fuller

  • Excellent. Suki Chima

  • Very good. Vicky Redshaw

  • Interesting. Natalie Godfrey

  • Effective. Steve McGuigan

Camilla Erskine

Your review [of pre-publication materials for an online resource] was superb, by the way. Very, very helpful and constructive. Thank you very much indeed for it.

Camilla Erskine, Consultant Publisher, Rising Stars.

Peter J Johnston

Your website is fantastic and I look forward to reading your blog (or listening to…).

Peter J Johnston, Principal, Earl Marriott Secondary School. Visit Peter's blog at Be Principaled.

Robin Malton

Terry has shown his depth of understanding and an ability to tread sure-footed through the minefields of school change management giving some of our senior leaders honest appraisal and advice. His calm, considered and authoritative interventions working as a consultant for one of our schools helped put in place an innovative and bold school ICT strategic plan for a school eager to use its ICT resources ever more effectively to enhance teaching and learning.

Robin Malton, ICT Education Consultant to the Girls Day School Trust

Jeni Riley

I have known Mr Freedman, for several years, through my role as the co-ordinator of the consultancy network for the department of Early Years and Primary Education, Institute of Education, London University.

Terry is an experienced ICT specialist who has earned a national reputation in the field. He is immersed in the subject area from both the practical and theoretical aspects, and is able to make the theory accessible. Terry is very knowledgeable about the current requirements and curriculum so he is well-placed to deliver professional development for in-service and initial teacher education. He has undertaken the educational advisory role for ICT for the GTP scheme for secondary teachers on the island of Jersey, as a member of a team of subject specialists which is co-ordinated by me and quality assured by the IoE.

Terry has up-to-date specialist subject knowledge in a constantly changing area of the curriculum. He is utterly reliable and professional in all his dealings with teachers, students, schools, LAs and universities. I have absolutely no hesitation in warmly recommending him.

Jeni Riley (PhD), Consultancy Co-ordinator for the Department of Early Years and Primary Education, Institute of Education,University of London

Becca Law

I have been working with Terry for the past 18 months, initially on Switched on ICT for KS2, and more recently on the KS1 offering.

Terry took on the role of Series Editor for both products and was responsible for reviewing all draft material from the author and providing feedback and suggestions for improvements, specifically ensuring clear progression in ICT skills and learning across the years.

I consistently found Terry’s work to be of a very high standard – his comments always clear and insightful.

Without doubt, one of Terry’s major strengths is his attention to detail. This was particularly apparent in his comments on the assessment guidance, and meant I could be confident that the resource had rigorous assessment at its heart.

In many instances, he went above and beyond what was expected of him: he would often provide suggestions for lesson ideas, and alternative software links, which really enriched the resource.

When manuscript was delayed, Terry was very flexible, often turning content around more quickly than requested, allowing us to make up lost time in the schedule.

Terry was incredibly supportive throughout the course of the KS2 and KS1 schemes. Both projects were incredibly demanding (and often very stressful!) but Terry was always available to answer queries by email and over the phone.

There is no doubt that much of the success of Switched on ICT can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of Terry. I would not hesitate to offer Terry further work on Rising Stars products in the future; I find myself actively looking for products for which he would be suited!

Becca Law, Publishing Manager Rising Stars UK Ltd.

Peter Twining

Vital is an online community operating under the auspices of the Open University, and provides a hub on which teachers and others can discuss issues and take part in online courses. Terry Freedman is a well‐known member of the ICT community, both nationally and internationally, having been working in education for over thirty years. He has worked for the Vital programme on several projects, namely:

• Moderating the secondary ICT Co‐ordinators’ forum

• Planning and running online discussions known as TeachShares (using video conferencing technology)

• Checking the ICT component of a range of courses in various subjects

• Checking the links in various online courses and, where necessary, suggesting alternative resources where those originally provided by Government quangoes have moved or disappeared.

In each of these undertakings, Terry has been proactive, paid close attention to detail, and has been self‐managing.

For example, for the Teachshares Terry was able to line up a number of interesting speakers well in advance, meaning that school CPD and ICT Co‐ordinators were able to inform their teaching staff in good time who would be speaking when.

Terry responded quickly to issues raised in the forum, and was proactive in “planting” discussions in order to elicit a response and keep interest high.

Terry also contributed to the administrative aspects of the work. For example, when evaluating the online courses mentioned above, he drew up a spreadsheet clearly showing which ones had been completed and which had not, and sent in an update each time an element of the work had been completed.

Terry’s comments and suggestions were also thought to be very useful.

Terry is knowledgeable about ICT in education and I have always found him to be someone I can rely upon to deliver on his commitments.

Dr Peter Twining, Director, Vital Professional Development, The Open University

Paul Stratton

We simply couldn't have achieved the same impact without Terry's involvement.  From the moment we approached Terry, the value he added to the multi-media project we were developing across a Federation of 6 primary and 1 secondary school was invaluable.  Not only did Terry help to shape the project brief, he also delivered on all the key areas of project management, from excellent communications with all stakeholders to meeting all deadlines.  The quality of documentation produced by Terry for the project was first class and secured a capital Grant for the project of £400k.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Terry for any educational ICT project as he posesses such a wide knowledge base, has a very flexible approach and great to work with, especially if you are looking for someone to offer new ideas and work largely on their own initiative.

Paul Stratton, ICT PFI Project Director, ITASS, London Borough of Newham

Richard Ali

I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture in Jersey and I must say it was inspirational and a breath of fresh air to hear what you had to say. I also found your website an excellent source of information to help keep me abreast of current thinking.

Richard Ali, Teacher of ICT, Le Rocquier School, Jersey

Valerie Thompson

I have known Terry for many years now, having first come across him in Tower Hamlets, and he remains as committed to the sector as he ever was. A life's investment in the application of technology to education makes him an invaluable source of expertise and knowledge and hence an important asset to any organisation he is associated with.

Valerie Thompson, Chief Executive, e-Learning Foundation

Dave Smith

Terry Freedman is an inspiration to me. I admire his vast knowledge, wise counsel, loyalty and kindness. I have learnt so much from Terry. He joined the Visualiser Forum and has helped to shape its development with new and innovative ideas. Terry is not afraid to tell it as it is, but he does so in a way that garners the respect and acknowledgement of those around him. A true advocate for ICT in education, Terry's articles and insights are one of the first places that I go to for information. I sometimes wonder how he manages to keep-up such a high-level of knowledge! I feel honoured to know Terry and really respect his integrity and honesty.

Dave Smith, Chair, The Visualiser Forum

Leon Cych

I wholeheartedly endorse Terry Freedman; his qualities as an insightful, innovative and thorough consultant in e-learning in the UK and globally have been very much to the fore in all the projects I have worked with him on in the recent past. His project management and interpersonal skills and the particular ability to aggregate and sum up a variety of opinions and concerns in any group discussion are exceptional. He is one of the first people I would choose to head up any initiative involving complex negotiations or project management. I would also thoroughly recommend his web site as a particularly informed central source of information on all key aspects of e-learning. In working with Terry on various projects especially those involving MirandaMod and Naace I have found him to be very focused and grounded in his approach to innovative and creative ideas in ICT in education. He can always be relied on to ask the most pertinent questions and offer the most incisive observations. Often his views can be quite challenging and in this way he is an invaluable colleague to work with, in that he is able to tease out the kernel of a problem and get people to reassess their attitudes and beliefs in the light of his, often, unique contributions. I value him highly as a co-worker on any project I have been involved with – he can be guaranteed to bring focus and follow through to any project.

Leon Cych, Director, Learn4life

Lyn Sweetapple

Thank you for running this site as well as all the support your provide to the ICT community.

Lyn Sweetapple, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Tim McShane

Terry is an expert in his field and his integrity ensures that his views and judgments are balances. We have worked with Terry several times and have always found that he is sincere and wants to give excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Tim McShane, ICTeachers.co.uk

Rachel Jones

Terry is a leading contributor to our understanding of e-learning. He is highly knowledgeable, continually curious yet remains thoroughly grounded in real-life experience. Subscribing to his journal and participating in various of his online communities has played a major part in my and many others' professional development over the years.

Tim Tarrant

I have worked with Terry on several occasions and would recommend his expert and innovative approach to ICT in education. He maintains one of the most interesting websites and he is generous in the knowledge he shares with others. He has a deep regard for the power of education and a realistic view on the contribution that ICT can make to the education of young people.

Tim Tarrant, then at the Training & Development Agency.

Bill Gibbon

Terry was a conscientious and dedicated member of the Executive of Naace, the professional association through which we met, and I later supported him in his role as chair of a number of our working groups. His experience in education is broad yet also deep, from classroom work to national policy and strategy. He is very understanding of the varying needs of individuals, and has a range of strategies at his fingertips that he can suggest to meet them. His philosophy of 'explore wider and reflect' means that he can provide support for most situations. I certainly benefit from his knowledge and talent every time we meet.

Bill Gibbon, then Deputy General Secretary, Naace

Fiona Aubrey-Smith

Terry brings a new meaning to the words commitment and altruism. His tireless energy, enthusiasm and passion for education technology is inspiring to all those who work with him. Terry has the capability to enthuse, motivate and excite those around him, and has the knack of getting the best out of people through encouragement, guidance, mentoring, leading and facilitating. An innovative and creative thinker, Terry has a unique skill of challenging the status-quo and leading those around him to exciting new opportunities. Without question Terry is highly recommended. He is a joy to work with and a real pleasure to know.

Fiona Aubrey-Smith, Head of Educational Development, UniServity

Vicki Davis

Terry Freedman is an outstanding example of a bridge builder who understands not only the theoretical foundations of teaching and learning, but also the practical classroom realities that I as a teacher experience. Terry has been an advisor to the award winning Flat Classroom Project (http://www.flatclassroomproject.net/ ) since its inception in November of 2006. This project is a landmark project building bridges between classrooms on many continents and winning critical acclaim. I would venture to say that this project's success was accelerated exponentially by Terry's involvement. Terry has given practical advice, feedback on the rubrics and scoring mechanisms, and cultural insight as we've struggled with the nuances of building bridges between classrooms. I highly recommend Terry as a writer, advisor, educational consultant, and man of character. He remains one of my constant friends and advisors as I work in the classroom and beyond. Terry has an outstanding reputation in international circles largely for his single-handed publishing of one of the most influential educational technology publications, Coming of Age. He has not taken any proceeds from this document which included many educators from around the world writing on a variety of topics. Terry is a bridge builder in the world of educational technology and one of its most outstanding contributors!

Vicki Davis, Teacher, Technology Administrator, Westwood Schools

Julie Lindsay

Terry has provided expertise in the form of a consultant and multimedia judge for the Flat Classroom Project since its inception in 2006. I am always impressed with Terry's willingness to be part of activities that will ultimately improve learning outcomes for students. As a judge, and more recently a 'meta-judge' for the Horizon Project (sister to Flat Classroom) Terry has had a meticulous and caring approach that takes into consideration the needs of the project timeline and the needs of the stakeholders. Terry is always flexible and adaptable to different online learning situations and has provided encouragement and support and valuable time for consultation as the projects developed. I am always impressed with Terry's ability to see things from a fresh perspective and to therefore encourage further reflection and analysis. He is never content with 'good enough is near enough' and strives for high standards in his own work while expecting it from others as well. I consider Terry an authoritative colleague and value his expertise in education and opinion on the best ways to improve learning for all.

Julie Lindsay, then Head of Information Technology, Qatar Academy

Alex Ambrose

Terry's "Coming of Age" eBook publication was my first exposure and introduction to the possibilities with Education and Web2.0. Thank you for launching my new career path.

Alex Ambrose, Owner, Edvibes.com

Debbie Forster

I have followed Terry's blog and website for some time and then had the opportunity to work with him at a recent Teachmeet. Terry's enthusiasm and knowledge of the field is well combined with his pragmatism and understanding of what it is really like for teachers. His interest in technology is never starry-eyed and he is constantly looking to bring the latest policy, development, technology within easy reach of the classroom in a practical way. He is generous with his support and advice, from the sage strategic comment to the simple techie fix.

Debbie Forster, then Strategy and Outreach, Future Talent Team, e-skills UK

Julie Yaxley

I sought Terry out to write for the 'ICT Coordinator's file' (subscription file for Primary schools) after reading one of his ICT books. He is a good communicator with a down-to-earth approach which readers can relate to. You can rely on Terry for practical, helpful advice based on his own experiences. He also keenly researches an article to make sure current practice is incorporated - and looks to the future to explain where technology is leading and how it can support teachers and children.

Julie Yaxley, then Editor at PfP Publishing

Gwen Solomon

Terry Freedman has been one of our original TechLearning bloggers and as such has helped our readers think more clearly about educational technology issues. As our only "foreign correspondent," Terry's take on issues has been refreshing and informative.

Gwen Solomon, then at Technology & Learning

Dai Barnes

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Terry has helped me in my role as an Head of ICT through his excellent website resources which I still use in my classroom, and by providing excellent advice in response to issues I face in my job. I have also worked with Terry at BETT and Teach Meet unconferences where he has been a bastion of high standards, a real asset for today's online and offline communities. The characteristic I most value in Terry is his ability to tell you what he thinks even if it's not what you want to hear; an opinion you can trust.

Cheryl Oakes

I am happy to write this recommendation. Terry and I work globally as bloggers for TechLearning.com . We worked together virtually for two years prior to our first meeting. I want to say that our working relationship was great before we met face to face. Terry has great collaborative skills and makes the miles seem like minutes. I am always inspired by Terry's blogs and recommendations. When I want to know the latest, I read Terry's blog or I speak to him directly.

Cheryl Oakes, Technology Co-ordinator

Roger Higton

I have known and/or worked with Terry, on and off, since he was with the QCA. In my mind he is one to the Country's leading professionals with a wealth of knowledge in the field of ICT Education both theory and pedagogy. To me his strength, is his ability to cut through the layers that can limit good teaching and bring into focus the needs of the student by offering sound advice on classroom management and thus how to move learning and teaching forward. I have listened to what he says and tried it and it works!

Roger Higton, then ICT Co-ordinator

John Cuthell

I've known and worked with Terry for a number of years on projects related to ICT and professional development. During his time as Chair of Naace he was an evangelist for the profession, and his leadership and writing has had a significant impact on a number of national initiatives. During the past two years Terry has supported MirandaNet by chairing a number of innovative professional development seminars. He brings a consummate professionalism to everything with which he is engaged and adds significant value to each project.

John Cuthell, Director, Research & Implementation, MirandaNet (Written in 2009)

<more to follow>

Good. More focus on the aspects of assessment criteria.

Patricia Holt

Excellent knowledge & examples to think about take in the school

Patricia Holt


Patricia Holt

Information/Questions where spot on, lots to think about.

Mark Fegan

Excellent course leader - engaging - interesting.

Mark Fegan


Mark Fegan

Very interesting - lots of ideas to look into back at school.

Laura Ritchie

Superb subject knowledge.

Laura Ritchie

Easy to get to. Very helpful staff.

Laura Ritchie

Some very useful ideas.

Andrew Brown

Sharing useful approaches to assessment.

Anne Davies

Humerous. Good experience and knowledge.

Anne Davies

Excellent very easy to find.

Anne Davies