7 Ways to make IT real: 6 Use what you have

Make use of what you already have.

What you have, in fact, is your pupils and other members of staff. Even if you are in a small school, or a large school but with no team, you may still be able to give your pupils the experience of addressing real problems through computing and ICT.

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7 Reasons to use project-based learning in computing

road2julian003I’ve long been an advocate of project-based learning, or PBL. Done properly, it can be much richer in terms of learning opportunities, and more fun. I believe it is entirely applicable to the teaching of the new Computing Programme of Study, for the following reasons.
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7 Ways to make IT real: #3 Solve real problems

Problem solving processAs I said in 7 ways to make IT real: #0 Make IT unreal, setting the kids a problem like “Imagine you’re going to open a video shop” is not going to cut it these days. You either need to set problems that are outlandish and obviously unreal, or set them ones which are all too real.

I’d suggest that the best way of doing so is to get the pupils themselves to identify problems. That’s the approach taken by

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7 Ways to make IT real: #1 Get local

mboneIt’s easy to take your local area for granted, but try to see it with new eyes. Try to see it as if you were a tourist visiting the area for the first time. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much is noteworthy from a computing or ICT point of view. Whether you want your pupils to simply notice the use of technology, or wish to get them to figure out how things work or even to create their own digital assets, you won’t be disappointed.
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Meeting in real life

I love the web and all that, but there's nothing like meeting up in the physical world. Derek Wenmoth and Ali Hughes of Core-Ed are here in the UK, and last night they, Richard Millwood (of Core-Ed UK), Elaine and I went out for a meal.

Good food, fine conversation, plus catching up -- all good stuff. As, indeed, was being able to actually sit down and have a proper conversation -- the last time Richard and I met was back in January when we bumped into each other in Piccaddilly Circus!

It was good to meet Derek and Ali too, and like Derek I'm looking forward to meeting up again.
The picture shows, from left to right, Elaine, Richard, Ali, me and Derek. 

Meeting in Essex, UK