A Koan, Computing and QuicK Tips

Here are some of the topics it covers:

Free resources
Research Ed
Goodbye, ICT
An interview with Kay Sawbridge concerning the scrapping of ICT
Another use for IF This Then That
Useful tips
Readers' blogs
Popular articles on the ICT & Computing in Education website
Ada Lovelace
Review of Ada's Algorithm: How Lord Byron's Daughter Ada Lovelace Launched the Digital Age
Review of Grammarly
Interesting reading
A scenario (a challenge for you)
How to teach iteration
Guest article: The Computing Curriculum: Suffolk’s Interpretation – Update, plus how to get it for free
Guest article: Why I decided to study IT
Guest article: How I got into coding and why I think everyone should do it!
A Zen Koan for the times
5 reasons there is a shortage of Computing at School Master Teachers...
Guest article: Changing attitudes towards maths
Guest article: 2016 set to be even Better

Win a year's subscription to the Premium version of Grammarly!
Win The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (three copies to be won)

Guest articles by:
Kathryn Day
Rebecca Rocca
Anna Shipman
Annabel Sunnacks
Aled Williams

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Those are just three of the things contained in the almost-published latest issue of Digital Education. I'm furiously working on the latest issue of this newsletter -- furiously as in mega-fast, not mega-angry!

There's absolutely loads in it, because it's a Christmas special double issue (in other words, I didn't have time to do a newsletter last half-term, so I've put two together in effect).