Safer Internet Day: Time to turn to pawnography?

Today I sent out my newsletter, Digital Education, and because today is Safer Internet Day the word “pornography” appeared. And guess what? The newsletter was blocked by a Local Authority’s filtering system. I’m not sure whether or not this is worse than the time I was told my website was blocked – because it featured an article about social networking.
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Digital Education: Safer Internet Day edition out now!

Updated! Discounts, competitions, news of events coming up, commentary, and advice about internet safety! And it's completely free!

Here’s what this issue contains:

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Safer Internet Day

Just a quick reminder: this annual event us nearly upon us – tomorrow, 8th February 2011. See the Safer Internet Day website, and the Safer Internet Day Fair. What will your school be doing for the event? Check out the Think u Know website too. You might also find this post interesting: Digital Safety for Children and Youth. It has some interesting links.

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