14 things to check when using education technology

This article was originally published in 2008. Apart from a few obvious points, such as the references to CDs, large monitors and, in some schools these days, computer rules, very little requires changing in terms of the advice. But the interesting aspect of the article is, I think, what is implicit. Having two computers out of commission would have been an issue in those days. Bring Your Own Technology had yet to be a possibility for most pupils. Laptops were still expensive enough to make class sets of them something to dream about. There were tablet computers, but the iPad was still two years in the future. The reference to planning to use the internet: nowadays it's virtually unavoidable because so much is online. When you think about all that, it is hard to remember that the article was written less than a decade ago!

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3 education technology blog posts you should check out

A few useful articles that you may not have come across before. They cover:

  • project-based learning
  • teen depression and cyberbullying and
  • how to reduce the possibility of having your training stolen.
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Planning for the Computing curriculum

At first sight, it seems bizarre that despite the fact that many teachers urgently need professional development, and time, in order to be ready to teach Computing, headteachers are not always allowing them to attend courses during school time. A business planning approach by ICT leaders in school could help.

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Why I dread the thought of benign algorithms

Science fiction writers would have us believe that intelligent machines will either enslave us or get rid of human beings altogether. But what if they were extremely benign and protective towards us? What could possibly go wrong? This article may be used as the basis for a discussion with your pupils.

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Top 5 articles on the ICT & Computing in Education website

What are the 5 most viewed items on the ICT & Computing in Education website? To find out, I trawled through the archives and the data. The answer to that question surprised me. I wonder if it will surprise you as well.

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Articles on Ed Tech: Retrospective #4

Here's a collection of articles you may have missed, on a variety of subjects including Brexit, Master teachers and ebooks.

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