What is shadow IT, and is it a problem or something to embrace?

Shadow IT is the name given to the situation in which employees use their preferred software rather than the officially-approved software. This article is written from a business perspective, but I’ve included it here because I think it highlights many of the issues involved, and provides an interesting perspective. Much of what is said could be applied to an educational environment.

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TrilbyTV inspires children to achieve life-long success at Stanhope School

Stanhope School TTVStanhope Primary School in South Shields has been using TrilbyTV as much more than a teaching aid in their school. It has been used as a tool to inspire their children to believe in themselves and the goals they want to achieve throughout life.

Set in a deprived part of the UK, Stanhope School has to work exceptionally hard to ensure each of their pupils

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Improve student behaviour and attainment

Class ChartsSponsored article

Seating charts make a real difference to the classroom learning environment in terms of teacher effectiveness and student attainment. Through using a seating chart, the teacher is imposing their authority before the lesson has even begun and making it clear to the students that the classroom is the teacher’s territory and they are in control of it. By using their knowledge of students and putting careful thought into the design of the seating chart the teacher can minimise negative interactions between students and take advantage of peer-to-peer learning strategies.

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