Technology and learning grow together at Yew Tree School

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Yew Tree Primary School in Sandwell is always on the lookout for opportunities to help improve the learning environments of its pupils. As an Apple Regional Training Centre, the school is very keen on utilising technology to enhance the curriculum with all its KS2 pupils having their own iPad 24/7 365 days a year.

Trilby TVFor the past few years, the school has been looking for a solution to use, share and securely store the videos staff and pupils have created. Having worked very successfully with education technology specialists,Trilby for several years, they were intrigued to hear about Trilby’s new product TrilbyTV. 

TrilbyTV is a simple to use video sharing app and online storage service that allows students to share video projects with each other and around their school. It sounded just the sort of thing Yew Tree were looking for.

Headteacher of Yew Tree, Howard Martin, commented,

“After speaking to the team at Trilby, who were as supportive of our needs as ever, we decided to introduce TrilbyTV to our school. We couldn’t believe how simple it was to set up and use, both pupils and teachers were up and running within minutes. It’s a very intuitive and straightforward product.  The process is fast and efficient, takes up little teacher time and doesn’t need any technical expertise. Teaching staff moderate and publish the videos within seconds. The children are so thrilled to share their work in this way, it is a fantastic way to celebrate their achievements.”

The school has been using TrilbyTV to share movies across the whole curriculum. It has been utilised by both KS1 and KS2 pupils. Howard, further commented,

“The ability to share and celebrate pupils’ movies to such a large audience will create an even greater sense of purpose and pride to their work.”

Both pupils and staff had created videos in the past but they have just been archived or eventually deleted because it was often not convenient or straight forward to show the video when and where it was needed. TrilbyTV now gives the school the ability to show these videos wherever there is an audience within the school with the minimum of fuss and planning. Within the few weeks the children have already produced over fifty videos within the school.

Howard Martin continued,

“One of our greatest challenges was where to show the videos within the school. The Trilby team suggested we use screens in the main reception and the school hall. However, we came up with a far better idea! Since becoming a 1:1 iPad school it has left our ICT suite a little redundant, so we thought, why not use the iMacs from the suite and run screens along the corridors throughout the school? This will enhance the learning environment across the whole school and enable pupils to view the success of others throughout the day.” 

A key attribute of TrilbyTV which has appealed to the school is the secure storage facility. Videos take up a great deal of storage space and the school is very aware of this fact. However, TrilbyTV stores all the videos securely on a UK cloud based server, taking away any of these concerns whilst at the same time removing the extra cost of any larger storage infrastructure within the school.

Howard concluded,

“TrilbyTV is a superb product which will hugely enhance the learning environment for both pupils and staff alike. It will bring the curriculum to life and enable us to showcase our pupils creative achievements on a daily basis.”

Have a look at and see how you can integrate this simple, yet powerful solution into your school, giving you another tool with which to inspire your students.  Alternatively, contact Howard Martin at Yew Tree School for a further insight into his school’s experience of TrilbyTV on 01922 626926.