Articles on Ed Tech: Retrospective #4

Here is a collection of links to articles you may have missed over the last few weeks. Altogether, there are 17 articles referred to here.

They were published on the ICT & Computing in Education website, and the Write! website.


5 reasons there is a shortage of Computing at School Master Teachers, and what we can do about it

One of the most-shared posts on this website, this article considers some practical ways in which the shortage of Computing Master Teachers might be addressed.

Education hashtags

This is a link to an article that lists more than 25 "ed chats", including subject-specific ones. Definitely one to bookmark.

7 articles about ebooks

The articles listed in this post are:

  • Ebooks: no need for publishers to worry?
  • 4 reasons to get published, and 7 reasons to self-publish
  • 11 predictions concerning technology in education
  • 5 reasons that educators should use a Kindle
  • Converting text into ebooks
  • 5 free and low-cost ebook websites
  • E-reading vs P-reading: your brain knows the difference

Education technology news: 4 forthcoming events

Two of the events have been and gone, but the other two refer to forthcoming newsletters: Digital Education, and the launch of Reviews for Writers.

7 reasons that education technology research is reported inaccurately

This article contains information about a research report I've compiled, and which is free to subscribers to Digital Education.

Project-based learning in Computing: micro and mini projects

This article explains how I built my students up to be able to get on with a project lasting 6 weeks with very little intervention from me.

Computing discussion topics: Brexit and biometrics

Some questions you might like to pose for your students, along with some further reading. Both articles originally appeared in Digital Education in July 2016.

What I've Been Reading: How To Read Journal Articles In The Social Sciences

A useful book for students who need to read learned journals.

7 useful features of a Kindle

You can do a lot more with a Kindle ereader than just read books, as this article explains.

Free bulk renaming utility

Windows doesn't give you many options when it comes to renaming files en masse. The utility described in this article brings back the power of DOS to your screen.

Free document clean-up utility

If you use Word, you'll know that sometimes you get extra paragraphs and spaces and other unwanted errors in your document. This utility enables you to clean it all up. As a side benefit, if you teach students how to program in Visual Basic for Applications, getting them to re-create this utility would make a very ice project.