We are running a good service –you can see it in real time

Transport for LondonHere’s a photo I took recently on the London Underground. There are periodic announcements, static noticeboards, and electronic delays constantly assuring us that we are experiencing a good service. I presume it is intended to introduce a feel-good element into an otherwise mundane existence.

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We Are Running a Good Service Apart From the Delays

It's a GOOD serviceAs people who travel in London will know, the section of Transport for London responsible for running the tube service feel the need to continually announce that they are running a good service. If an individual were to exhibit similar behaviour you would probably conclude that they were suffering from deep feelings of insecurity. Such a neat diagnosis would be shattered, however, upon hearing the announcement I heard a while ago:

We are running a good service, apart from the delays and cancellations.

Well, if it's good enough for TfL it's good enough for me! I'm running a good service here apart from the lateness of the latest issue of the newsletter, Computers in Classrooms, and an article on change management planned for today (I'm sure there's a bit of irony there).

The reason for the delay is that I was contacted on Friday and commissioned to do some work by today. That wouldn't have prevented the newsletter coming out this morning, were it not for the fact that as I was about to send off the completed work, I discovered that it had disappeared. I have no idea what happened, especially as I am assiduous in saving my work every few nanoseconds. I finally limped into bed at 01:40, having typed it all up again.

Handy hint: Never mind about the paperless office and going green: always print out your work when you've completed it. Not only is it easier to proofread, but you have something to copy from should a disaster similar to the one I've just related befall you. Fortunately, last night I had done just that, so all I had to do was copy rather than think: much easier when it's past midnight.

Getting back to the newsletter, the issue I'm working on features some great articles from wonderful guest contributors. You can read more about that, and sign up for this fantastic free resource, by looking at the announcement I made last week.

Another (good) reason for delaying the newsletter publication is that a few things cropped up towards the end of last week that I want to include, so I am still doing a bit of delving. That means, incidentally, that if you happen to know of any schools or teacher/groups that are managing to continue lessons using technology, to get around problems caused by the flying ban due to the volcanic cloud, I'd be delighted to hear from you.