We are running a good service –you can see it in real time

Here’s a photo I took recently on the London Underground. There are periodic announcements, static noticeboards, and electronic delays constantly assuring us that we are experiencing a good service. I presume it is intended to introduce a feel-good element into an otherwise mundane existence.

Look! We're doing pretty good!

I would assume that these days there are enough programs ‘out there’ which would enable any school to create such a display automatically, and update it in real time. I can think of at least two programs that could be used for that purpose. Substitute the names of Departments (ICT, Music, English, Maths etc), or teachers, or leaders and middle leaders, for the names of the lines and you will see what I mean when I say that this would be a dramatic change.

Imagine walking into school and seeing that!

I have three questions:

1. How long will it be before a school actually does exactly that?

2. How would we feel about it?

3. Why hasn’t any school done it already?

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