Mini-review of the Motivating Educators, Inspiring Learners Conference

russell“Well”, said Elaine as I bounced in last Wednesday evening. “You’ve got your mojo back.” This was quite true. Having spent a few hours reading various articles about why things can’t be done, or how there could be dire consequences if they were, I wasn’t in much of a frame of mind to attend a conference, especially one which seemed to be ‘motivational’. Quite frankly, when I’m feeling miserable the last thing I want is someone trying to cheer me up.

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Motivating Educators and Inspiring Learners

That’s the title of a great-looking conference on 3rd October – which is only next Wednesday. Russell Prue, one of the organisers and speakers, told me about it, so I had a look…

What I like about it is that there are only 4 sessions, and each looks worthwhile attending. The four speakers are at the top of their game. You can see the details on the conference website. There’s a link to the full programme there too.

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BETT Radio Broadcast today!

podcastingEd tech evangelist Russell Prue (@russellprue) will be broadcasting live today about next week’s BETT show. Should be good, as it features a wide range of people from the ICT world. Russell very kindly invited me to take part too. We’ll be chatting about how to get the best out of BETT, and I hope to follow this up shortly with an even longer list of suggestions, which I will send out to subscribers to Computers in Classrooms, the free e-newsletter for educational ICT professionals! Anyway, here’s the information from the man himself:

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