Motivating Educators and Inspiring Learners

That’s the title of a great-looking conference on 3rd October – which is only next Wednesday. Russell Prue, one of the organisers and speakers, told me about it, so I had a look…

Click the pic to go to the conference websteWhat I like about it is that there are only 4 sessions, and each looks worthwhile attending. The four speakers are at the top of their game. You can see the details on the conference website. There’s a link to the full programme there too.

At £120 the conference is not going to break the bank, but if you subscribe to Computers in Classrooms you will be able to register for half price! Yes, that’s a 50% discount, thanks to a combination of my charming personality and negotiating skills, and the goodwill of organisers Russell Prue and Richard Hastings. I’ll say more about it in the next issue of Computers in Classrooms, which will be published amazingly soon.

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