5 interesting technology sessions at the London Book Fair 2019


LBF2016, by Terry Freedman

LBF2016, by Terry Freedman

There are five sessions in particular which should appeal to education technology teachers. These are:

  • Will books of the future edit themselves?

  • Creative Commons Explained.

  • Academic Book Week: Books and Higher Education.

  • Coding for Publishers.

  • Truth and Lies: Academic Publishing in the Era of Fake News.

There will also be book blogger awards for the second year, on the Thursday at 3:30pm, though the location for that appears not to have been published yet. It’s brilliant that there are these awards, which I’ve written about here:


UPDATE: The UK Book Blog Awards will be held at the Bourne Bridge from 15:30 – 16:15 on Thursday 14th March.

The full list of sessions, though not all of their details, are on the London Book Fair website. In case it inspires anyone, my own favourites list may be downloaded by clicking the button below. I haven’t included the conferences that are on at the time, or other events running alongside or as part of it, such as the Selfies Awards for self-publishers. Also, not all of the sessions I’ve listed appeal to me or are relevant for my needs, but I thought they looked interesting enough to include in order to give a flavour of the variety of sessions on offer.

In the document, the selection I’ve made is divided into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but for the detail you’ll have to open the section named “sessions”. Unfortunately the “Sessions” list does not come out in date order. Still, I hope it proves useful.

Incidentally, if you’re going to the London Book Fair, especially for the first time, you might find my guide to getting the most out of conferences useful. It was written for an education audience, but actually all of the advice should apply equally to any kind of conference. It’s available on Amazon.