Teaching computing, assessing computing, and a lot more

I'm on the final proof-reading stages of the latest issue of Digital Education. It's a free newsletter for people with a professional interest in ICT and Computing in education, ed tech, digital skills etc. This issue includes an article by William Lau on the 5 mistakes he made when teaching Computing, and an article by Sam Hunter on the ladders approach to assessing Computing.

For more information on what the new issue contains, read on.

  • Survey: What Computing qualifications are you entering your students for?
  • Competition results: Who won Brown Dogs and Barbers? Plus a heads-up about another forthcoming competition to win a book on using QR codes in education.
  • Brexit and education technology: How has or might the decision by the UK to leave the European Union affect providers of ed tech-related stuff?
  • Why reading by and for students is essential: Why you should get your students reading about Computing in the news.
  • Discussion topics: 6 news topics to discuss with your pupils.
  • 5 mistakes I made when teaching Computing, by William Lau: William reveals his mistakes so that you don't make the same ones.
  • The KAP test: A way of evaluating people in ed tech.
  • Top tip: a great use of space -- speaks for itself.
  • 12 things Ive learnt about assessment: This relates to assessment in general and Computing in particular.
  • Top tip: Coding Cadets -- a great idea, even if I do say so myself!
  • The future of the teaching profession: Commentary on a conference I attended, and what it means for teachers of Computing etc.
  • Useful links: other useful articles for Ed TEch, ICT and Computing Teachers, including a great one about Minecraft, Amazon's Inspire market place, the UK's Digital Bill, Practical approaches in assessing Computing, and 10 strategies for leading a technology department, and others.
  • Bookshelf: What I've been reading.
  • For your diary: Forthcoming conferences taking place in the UK, USA, Bulgaria and Singapore.
  • Research corner.
  • The EdTechX Europe Conference: Review.
  • Digital Assessment: Review.
  • The role of IT in the new assessment landscape, by Sam Hunter, of the Learning Ladders approach to assessment.

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