EduSummIT Conference (UNESCO) News

#edusum11 Should anyone invite you to contribute to a handbook, don't turn it down. A few years ago, a handbok was put together (, which led to several working group-type events, which led to an "EduSummIT" in 2009, which led to EduSummIT 2011.

With over 120 delegates from 40 countries, this promises to be a very interesting -- and useful -- event. Delegates have been allocated to working groups -- mine is 21st century skills. I hope to be reporting on this over the next few days, as long as the wi-fi, my iPad keyboard and my level of wakefulness hold out (the hotel fire alarm went off at around 1 am, which is no joke!)

Look for #edusum11 on Twitter, and edusummit2011 on the web and in Flickr. The conference website is, where you can find further information. You might also like to check out the latest edition of my newsletter (go to and scroll down), as it has a link to a very interesting recent report from UNESCO.

OK, that's it from me for now: I love blogging and writing in general, but sleep also has its attractions!

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