Putting dyslexia first with technology

Exam PreparationsOne of the things that it is all too easy to forget is that if a child is ‘playing up’ in class, it could be a disability issue rather than a behavioural one. I have known that for a long time, but attending a Technology for Print Disabilities Training Day served as a useful reminder. That training day, just to put this article in context, was run by Load2Learn, a partnership venture between Dyslexia Action and the RNIB.

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Learning about inclusive technologies through collaboration

Co-Organizer Michael Phares (co-organizer Genevieve Halloway not shown here) , energy assessor, Solarponics, mikep [at} solarponics d o t com 805-543-3436. Last in line with green plaid shirt leading lifting of hands at 12:15PM. Joinhands 155 Hands AcrossThere are all different ways of running a training day. One approach is to beat delegates into submission by talking at them all day long. Another is to get them to do something. Learning by doing is a well-known approach, having been perfected, I believe, in the Neanderthal era. In short, it has a good track record, and was the method of choice adopted by Load2Learn for their Technologies for Print Disabilities Training Day.

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Accessible E-Learning

Trudy Duffy-Wigman

Schools, colleges and universities are in the process of improving accessibility throughout, both in the physical as well as the virtual environment. It is important to enable students with disabilities to reach their full potential and as educational professionals, we try to be inclusive and not erect any unnecessary barriers for learners, be it physical or otherwise.

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