EDUsummIT 2011 Report: The Digital Divide

Did you know that there are now more mobile subscriptions in the developing countries than in the (so-called) developed countries? I didn’t either. That was  a fact pointed out to us by Dr Paul Resta, of the University of Texas at Austin, USA. Yet our appreciation of how such technologies can be used to support learning (both formal and informal) is still in its infancy.
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The school where students MUST have a mobile device

#edusum11 Mike Searson is the President of The School for Global Education & Innovation at Kean University in the USA. I met him in Paris the day before the EDUsummit 2011 conference which took place there. He headed up our small, intrepid band of social media folk.

Something Mike related really made me think.

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UNESCO EDUSummIT2011: Brief update

#edusum11 The conference is now in its final hour or so, with brief addresses from an international panel followed by "Next steps".

I started to write a blog post earlier, but realised very quickly that I need to do more reflecting. It's been a very rich experience in some respects, and I need to assimilate what I think I may have learnt. I've had the opportunity to meet with some of the organisers, representatives of Ministries of Education and researchers.

You can follow the conference on Twitter, using the hashtag given above. There will be video podcasts later (I'm told Monday).

More soon.

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