Book review: Access 2019 Bible

The subtitle of this book is 'The comprehensive tutorial resource', and that is an accurate description, given its length of around 1090 pages.

The first part of the book explains how relational databases work, and discusses the importance of designing the component parts of the database before doing anything else. This section is very good in itself, because the principles are true of any relational database application.

Access is an advanced database system, with a range and level of functionality that could be confusing to the point of being overwhelming. The strengths of the Access Bible is that the subject matter is arranged very logically, and is quite readable.

Using VBA to program Access is also covered, and the book is supported by a website.

Like its companion volume the Excel 2019 Bible, this would be a good resource for your education technology library ( Definitely great value for money.

Access 2019 Bible (Amazon associates link)

This review was originally published in my newsletter, Digital Education.

Access 2019 Bible

Access 2019 Bible