Review of Go On, Bore ‘Em: How to make your ICT lessons excruciatingly dull

Phil Cowling, a teacher in the UK, evaluated a 3rd party selling platform called Sendowl, that we’ve been trialling, as well as the book itself. He writes:

I found the buying system great, I think that the price is great and what people would see as a cheap impulse buy is in fact a well written book.  I think that this price point is great.  I did find the buying page very busy, but I don't think you personally can do anything about this.  The where’s and how’s to buy however were easy.  I really did think that it was good to include all versions of the book.  A savvy teacher could just convert them anyway, this way you look like you are being the much better author, which I am sure you are.

I found the book itself really good.  It is written with an obvious authority and if you did write it a while ago I did not see it being evident in the text too often.

It is written in a very easy to follow and read manner, almost as a discussion, I found this very easy to read and more importantly digest and remember.

I also thought the whole premise of the book, that being look at how to do it badly (how you have seen it done badly) worked well.

There really is a lot of well thought out advice in this little book, this is really really good.

I will recommend this to my student teacher cohort.  I know they will learn from it, I have as a well established teacher.

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