Book review: Go on, bore ‘em: how to make ICT lessons excruciatingly dull

by Jacqui Wilson

I received a very nice review from Jacqui Wilson, a classroom teacher in Tasmania. Is a book about what made ICT boring still relevant if the focus is on Computing? Well I think so, because the issues I highlighted with respect to ICT are in danger of arising again with respect to Computing. Anyway, read what Jacqui says about the book.

Oh no, not another ICT lesson after break! Photo by incase’s approach to the subject of ICT in lesson planning and implementation is a timely reminder of how relevant ICT classes can be and more importantly, they don’t have to be mind-numbingly boring! This booklet is full of simple and easy to use advice, which is written in easily digestible chunks of information. Make this part of your teacher’s toolkit, and you’ll have a great resource to learn from and refer to whenever you see your students playing Solitaire or napping at their desks.

Further information

I wrote the book as a result of not only research, but first-hand experience of observing lessons, not least as an Ofsted inspector. You can find out more about “Go on, bore ‘em…” (and other ebooks) on the ebooks via Sendowl page.

The book costs £1.99 plus VAT. However, subscribers to Digital Education can purchase it for half-price (plus VAT), until 30th December. What happens on that date? I withdraw the book – all my ebooks, in fact – because of the imminent implementation of the new EU rules on VAT. Unless the trial of a 3rd party solution turns out to be just the thing to make the new VAT rules manageable. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read The hidden dangers of doing digital business: what schools, teachers and students need to know and Our ebooks may be discontinued. Like I said in one of those articles (or maybe both of them), this isn’t some marketing tactic.

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