The role of ICT Co-ordinator is unnecessary: discuss

OK, I admit it: I was being a bit of a devil’s advocate when I suggested that the role of ICT Co-ordinator is redundant, but consider this. In these hard times, how will you respond if your Headteacher calls you into her office one morning and says:

I need to make some serious budget cuts. What exactly do you do, why does it need to be done anyway, and why can’t I get an admin person on half your salary to do it instead?

That’s why I think it’s important to discuss such issues: not because I have a death wish, but because I think we need to be realistic about possible future scenarios, and be prepared for them.

Join in a live discussion on Tuesday 14th June at 19:00 British Summer Time. Use this world clock time converter to find out what the time will be where you are.