Discussion about the role of the ICT Co-ordinator

I recently posted a couple of articles that questioned whether the role of the ICT Co-ordinator was necessary. (See the links below if you missed those masterpieces.) Well, we had an online discussion (I’m not daft enough to make an appearance in real life on that sort of platform!), escaped relatively unscathed, and here is the result:

View the Elluminate Live! recording

There were only a few of us in the room, but it was a very rewarding and educational experience, with a lot of sharing. I don’t mean airy-fairy hippy-type sharing of feelings and stuff, but of useful websites, ideas and information. If you have an hour, listen to the recording and follow the chat conversation (you’ll have to, because not everyone had a mic).

Next Tuesday I have an even more brilliant session lined up, a talk by a colleague from a school that insists the students have a mobile device at all times. The future is here, now: it’s just that some people haven’t realised it yet. More information on that soon. Like all the best ads say: watch this space!

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