Collaborate for Change: information and update

Collabor8 4 Change, a great new-style conference, is running again on 17th November. We've just made available 50 more tickets!

The logo says it allHere's the format for the evening:

Up to 15 concurrent table discussions running for 20 minutes. This will be repeated up to 4 times. The purpose of these discussions is to give colleagues the opportunity to toss around ideas, share information or suggestions, get feedback on initiatives and so on. The emphasis is on discussion.

A series of brief talks of up to 10 minutes each. These might consist of sharing details of a class project, useful information about websites you’ve come across or simply a rant to get something off your chest!

Some of the table sessions and talks proposed so far include:

  • Primary ICT Suites versus mobile (David Kempster)
  • Is there such a thing as too much innovation? (Daniel Needlestone)
  • Using iPads/iPod Touches with special needs pupils (Myles Pilling)
  • Using Video Conferencing to Save Money and Time (Mina Patel)
  • Effective School Resource Management – Helpdesk, Bookings, Process and more! (Mike Broonan)
  • Emerging pedagogies: developing digital learning dialogue (Kay Meager)

Why not volunteer to host a 20 minute round-table discussion on a subject of your choice, and/or give a 10 minute talk on something that’s important to you? There will be rooms available with various facilities such as a visualiser and interactive whiteboard. Also, hosting your table session in a room would be ideal if you need a quiet environment or, on the other hand, want the freedom to make a bit of noise. The 10-minute talks will be live-streamed, with the opportunity for people who can’t make it to the conference to listen and contribute to the discussions via Blackboard Collaborate (née Elluminate).

For a great evening of discussion about educational ICT, leadership, collaboration and learning, sign up now on the C84C website, where you will also be able to see who else has signed up!

A minibus service is being planned to pick up groups of people from the nearest tube station (Dagenham Heathway), so there’s no excuse for not being there!

To help publicise the event, please use the hashtag #C84C.

You will need a ticket to attend the event, available for free from the C84C website.

Reminder: we’ve just released 50 more tickets!