Keep IT clean!

Yeccchhh!!!! That was my reaction every time I saw a colleague’s keyboard. Never mind the fact that there are more germs on the average keyboard than on an average toilet seat apparently, and that other people had to use this bloke’s computer occasionally. Even worse was the fact that he was a member of my team!

I was reminded of this by an article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph headlined Lawyers guilty of having dirtiest desks.

Time to get the cleaning stuff outAfter several attempts at being Mr Nice Guy I told him point blank that he had to clean his keyboard before doing anything else, no matter how urgent. It’s not just that, like all sensible people, I pay attention to cleanliness, it’s that I think that anyone who uses the tools of their trade acts as a role model for others – whether they like it or not. One of the ways I judge the quality of builders and gardeners is the way they treat their tools. My logic, which may or may not be logical but which sounds sensible to me, is that if they are prepared to allow their tools, which enable them to earn a living, to become filthy and unusable, how much care are they likely to show towards my property?

People who take the view that “You can’t judge a book by its cover” don’t know what they’re talking about in my opinion. People do judge things by their appearance, and quite often they are right to do so. Anyone who uses educational technology, especially if they are in a “public” role like a teacher or trainer, really does need to ensure that their equipment not only works well, but looks good.

You could start with the kids. How about getting them to design a “Keep IT clean!” campaign, with posters, podcasts, slide presentations or videos?

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