Is ICT in Schools Damaging to the UK’s Economic Health?

This is the gist of the question posed by the Royal Society, which, as promised in a previous article asking why is ICT boring, has just launched a call for evidence

Nothing TOO exciting, pleaseThe Royal Society said, in a Press Release headed Current ICT and Computer Science in schools - damaging to UK’s future economic prospects?:

It is believed that design and delivery of ICT and computer science curricula in schools is so poor that students’ understanding and enjoyment of the subjects is severely limited.  The effects of this, coupled with dwindling student numbers, mean that, unless significant improvements are made, the deficit in the workforce numbers and capability could have a highly negative impact on the UK’s economy.

If this is an area of concern to you, look at the call for evidence and see if you’re able to contribute. You have until 5th November to do so.

You may also be interested in the views about computing and the treatment of the STEM subjects in general (ie Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from Melendy Lovett, President of Texas Instruments’ worldwide education technology business. I interviewed her, and you can read that conversation here.