Digital storytelling resources

I was completely bowled over last night, by Steve Bunce’s talk on resources for Digital Storytelling. There were quite a few that I hadn’t come across before, but which I am now looking forward to exploring. Most of them are free. What a brilliant set of resources for addressing literacy, at all levels!

If you missed the talk, you’re in luck, because it was recorded. Here’s the URL: Teachshare on Digital Resources.

What people said about the session

really loved the session on digital storytelling and saw some awesome examples at work; I really loved it!– @maureau

Some interesting tools for digital storytelling were aired at the webinar with @terryfreedman and @stevebunce. Thanks for sharing! #vitalcpd – @camaxwell

terryfreedman @stevebunce thanks guys enjoyed the session top stuff – @dan_bowen

The talk was part of a programme of talks, called “Teachshares”, which Drew Buddie and I are hosting. Why not join us for the next one, which is on the 14th December, at 7pm UK time, here? You can see the whole of our planned series here. And you can view the wider programme here.

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