Prize Draw

In the very near future (read on) I will be running prize draws for the following:

altYou can read more about these here. Many thanks to the companies concerned and, in the case of MissionMaker and Scholastic, the nice folk over at Mango Marketing.

Some of these competitions have been run before, but have had to be run again because either no response was obtained from the prizewinner or they were not eligible. I’ll say a little more about each of these points.

If your name is drawn out of the virtual hat, what usually happens is that we ask you if we may pass on your contact details to the company that has made the prize available, so that they can send it to you. We don’t just pass your details on, because we have a strict privacy and data protection policy. Because of problems experienced with people not responding to emails, we’ve introduced a change to the competition rules. If we don’t hear back after 10 working days, we’ll run the draw again.

Occasionally we have to run the draw again because the winner has to be a UK resident. The subscriber database includes a country field, but people move around so I don’t like to rely on that completely. Again, we email the winner just to double-check they really do live in the UK in such circumstances.

We’ll be running the latest batch of prize draws at 10pm UK time on Monday 13 December 2010, so look out for an email soon after that. You may be one of the lucky ones!

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