What I've been reading: Reflective Practice, Technically Wrong and Bad Algorithms

reflective practice.jpeg

I've started to read Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development. It seems quite interesting, from the ten minutes I spent perusing it. 

I'll be reviewing it in my newsletter, Digital Education, where I will also be offering it in a prize draw. 

If you'd like the chance to win that, sign up to the newsletter. It's free, and has plenty of good stuff in it, even if I say so myself! (Others have said so too: look at the comments I've received about it on the Testimonials page.)

Previous prizes have included Closing The Vocabulary Gap, Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology, The Official Micro:Bit User Guide, How to Fix the Future and numerous others, so it's definitely worth subscribing if you like books.

I will also be reviewing Technically Wrong, and Bad Algorithms.

Here's the link to Digital Education again. If you're not sure, then download a sample issue from the archive I've just started.

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