BYOD Case Study: Finborough School

student_ipad_school - 143Here is an interesting case study of how a small school has successfully introduced BYOD with a particular group of pupils.

Finborough School is an independent, ie private, all-through school, ie age range 2-18, in a rural English setting. It has 274 pupils.

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BYOD Case Study: Archbishop Lanfranc School

Phone LaseredThe school is moving towards a totally cloud-based system using mostly mobile technology. Therefore BYOD will become another facet of this by allowing students to use mobiles when appropriate, in addition to the kit provided by the school.
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BYOT Case Study: Scargill Junior School

RaptDescribing itself as being on the ‘networked’ stage of the continuum, Scargill school’s current Bring Your Own Technology model consists of utilising a wide range of mobile devices in school in order to enhance and support the learning in the classroom. It started with Nintendos approximately 6 years ago. But what prompted Scargill to consider a BYOT approach in the first place?
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