Why technology goes wrong: no presentational dissonance in sight (at first)

A few years ago I coined the term “presentational dissonance”. Derived, clearly, from the psychological concept of cognitive dissonance, the term is used to describe a situation in which the nature of a presentation, and its content, are at odds with each other.

For example:

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Why technology goes wrong

Join us for the final Vital Teachshare discussion of this school year, as Tony Sheppard, aka Grumbledook, talks to us about a topic that I am sure is dear to our hearts:

Why Technology Goes Wrong. The discussion begins at 7pm UK time Tuesday 26th July, and you can access it by clicking on the link just given. Use the timezone converter to find out what time it is where you  are.

Tony is a key member of Edugeek, one of the most vibrant online forums I know of.

Please tweet about this event, using the hashtag #vitalcpd. Thanks!

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