Old technology

It’s always fun, as well as informative, to look at photos or videos to check out the technology used, especially if the photo or video is old. In this video of Jimmy Nail’s Ain’t No Doubt, I’ve spotted several examples of “retro” technology. Perhaps you or your students can spot more? Here’s what struck me:
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Spot the Differences in Technology: Ain’t No Doubt

Here’s something your students may find mildly amusing. This music video from 1992 features several examples of technological changes; can you spot them?


Here’s what you might have noticed:

  • Mercury phone booth.
  • Switchboard: one of the old-fashioned types where the operator had to physically plug different cables in to the board to connect people with each other over the phone network.
  • Instruments: the musicians are playing real ones, not synthesisers.
  • Microphone: a big old-fashioned one, not a headset mike (which was first used years before by Kate Bush, apparently).
  • Wristwatch: someone is wearing one. These days, young people tend not to because they use their cell phones to find out the time and a whole load of other functions.