Articles on ed tech: Retrospective 02

Here's a round-up of articles on ed tech I published last week, last year and in the Digital Education newsletter, in case you missed them.

Articles from the archives

Articles from the archives

Ed tech articles published last week

7 ideas for story-writing in ed tech

If a concept is difficult to teach, or hard for pupils to get excited about, get them to write a story about it. This article suggests 7 "what if..." story starters.

70 kinds of educational blog post — offer

As Tammy Wynette might have said, sometimes it's hard to be a blogger. How do you come up with ideas for blog posts for your own blog, or for your school? I've created a "cheat sheet" of 70 ideas that can be put into practice both by teachers and pupils, and which will help you keep a blog vibrant and updated.

Is bad writing deliberate?

This article is not especially about ed tech, but I've come across so much bad writing in this field that I think it's relevant. By "bad", I don't mean from a purist grammatical point of view, but simply writing that is so abstruse that it's hard to work out what the writer is actually trying to say. According to the author of a book I'm reading, people write badly when they want to hide something. But is that really true?

24 must-have features of computer labs

If you still have, or are going to have, a computer lab, then these are the things you should have in it.

Articles on ed tech published last year

7 ways to make IT real

This is a link to a series of posts covering the following:

  • Making IT unreal
  • Getting local
  • Involving parents
  • Solving real problems
  • Using external organisations
  • Being realistic
  • Using what you have
  • Using online resources

Articles on ed tech published In the newsletter

Assessment as a process of scientific discovery

Assessment has more in common with the Popperian view of science than you might think.

In the July 2016 issue of the newsletter, I’ve written an article entitled 12 things I’ve learnt about assessment. You’ll have to subscribe to the newsletter to read that, but here’s a taster:

4 things I’ve learnt about assessing Computing and ICT

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