24 must-have features of computer labs

There is an updated version of this article.

While it's fashionable to decry the use of computer labs, still they continue to exist in many schools. If you have, or are thinking of having, a computer lab, what ought it to look like?

It's crucial to have room for collaboration. Photo by  Nick Karvounis

It's crucial to have room for collaboration. Photo by Nick Karvounis

It's better to start by considering function rather than design. That is to say, think about how you'd like pupils and teachers to use the room.

The following are my ideal features.

Space for collaboration

Research has indicated that pupils often learn more when they work in pairs, so a computer lab should acknowledge that. Given how inexpensive laptops and tablets are there days (relatively speaking), there's no need to cram as many desktop computers into the room as possible. As long as you have...

Space for sitting away from a computer

If the room is large enough, I like the following:

Desks with no computer

These are necessary so that pupils can work with pen and paper, on a laptop or tablet, or have a discussion with someone.

Easy chairs

These are for reading in, working on a laptop or having small group discussions.

The right equipment

My "shopping list" is:

  • Interactive whiteboard

  • Walls you can write on

  • Surfaces you can write on (eg desks)

  • Visualiser or at least one Hue Camera (click the pic below; please note that this is an Amazon affiliate link)

  • A bank of laptops or tablets that pupils can use as they require

  • Ditto some cameras (with a video function as well, of course)

  • Podcast/voice recorders

  • Spare pens

  • Paper to write on

  • A3 paper to plan on

  • Interesting posters

  • Informative posters

  • No posters telling people what they must not do (see Quick wins in the Computing classroom)

  • Cupboard space

  • Spare marker pens

  • Spare interactive whiteboard pens

  • A selection of books on Computing

  • A regularly refreshed selection of magazines

  • A regularly refreshed supply of newspapers


Plants not only look nice, they can help to clean the air too. (We all know how hot and stuffy computer labs can become.) I used to have spider plants in mine, but it seems that other types of plants do an even better job.

I think plants have a calming effect as well, which is good news on windy days!


Having a nice Vivaldi or Mozart album playing in the background is definitely useful. It helps keep pupils nice and calm, and can help them concentrate too. See Music and Learning.

I know I'm very demanding, but as a teacher I always wanted everything to hand that would enable me to have a great lesson, so I don't think this is an unreasonable list. In fact, I'm sure I've forgotten a few things. (If so, please tell me via the comments section.)