70 kinds of educational blog posts -- offer

I've read a lot of blog posts about different kinds of blog posts. However, not all of them are relevant to an educational context.

I wonder if she's using my "70 kinds of blog posts" crib sheet?

I wonder if she's using my "70 kinds of blog posts" crib sheet?

I thought it would be useful to collate some ideas about the types of content that teachers could put on their own blogs, or their school blogs.

I've come up with 70, many of which would be usable by pupils too. This crib sheet will, I hope, be very useful, especially if you'd like to experiment with new content or are finding it hard to come up with fresh ideas.

Some of the suggestions would also be useful exercises to set pupils even if their efforts are not for publication.

For example, I've listed several types of fiction, as well as word-free ideas -- ideal for pupils who wish to contribute but find that their poor typing and spelling hold them back.

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