Internet Safety

By Amna, at Oakdale Junior School

Being safe on the internet is vital. If you’re concerned about being safe on the internet or just want a few ideas of how to be safe you have come to the right place!

Children remember to SMILE

Smiles, by Alex safe means keeping you personal details private such as full name, phone number, home address, photos or school, never reply to ASL – age, sex, location.

Meeting up with someone you have met online can be dangerous. Only meet up if you first told your parents or carers and discuss it with them – they can then decide if the meeting should go ahead and they can go with you.

Information online can be untrue, biased and inaccurate. Someone online may not be telling the truth about who they are – they may not be a ‘friend’. It is important that you tell the truth online – some sites have age restrictions for a reason, so don’t lie to sign up!

Let a parent, carer, teacher or trusted adult know if you ever feel worried, uncomfortable or frightened about something online or someone who has contacted you online. They can report it and can make sure that the site is blocked and ensure you don’t see it again. Remember stay safe on the internet!

E mails, downloads, photos anything from someone you do not know or trust may contain a virus or unpleasant message – do not open or reply.


· Remember to enable your privacy settings – on all devices not just the computer

· Block websites that are not appropriate

· Have computers in public setting

· Use safe search for younger kids

· Talk to your children about what they do on-line!

Let’s make a better internet together!

Thanks to Dawn Hallybone for asking Amna to write this lovely article. Amna is 10 years old.

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