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Before the half-term break in the UK we had Safer Internet Day. A special edition of my ezine, Digital Education, was published, containing a range of articles about e-safety. Four of those will be published next week on this blog. There are articles of use to parents, teachers and students. Here is the list of articles, and when they will appear.

Each of these articles will appear at 7am GMT on the day specified. If you try to click on the links below before the appointed time, you will get a “page not found” message. Please be patient! (Or sign up to Digital Education and read them right away <evil grin>).

Monday 7:00 Amna: Internet Safety Amna is a Junior School pupil.

Tuesday 7:00 Simon Finch: Lazy e-safety messages are no help to our children. Simon publishes the Digitally Confident website.

Wednesday 7:00 Ellie Gregson: Young people and the internet Ellie is a secondary school pupil.

Thursday 7:00 Alan MacKenzie: Practical advice for parents to keep their children safe online Alan publishes the e-safety adviser website.


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