We’re moving to a mobile-friendly template

I’m in the process of changing this website to a mobile-friendly version. With any luck, this website won’t disappear in the meantime. If you do  happen to get one of those horrible “Page not found” messages, please keep trying. Apparently it can take up to 72 hours for it all to come to life again.

Farewell, old site Once that has happened, things will be in a bit of disarray I think, as I learn how to do things with the new template. It will be a bit like when you have work done at home: you go through a period when it’s like living in a building site, and you don’t know where anything is. I have tried to minimise that likelihood as much as possible by trying things out and experimenting behind the scenes, but regard this as a forewarning.

The design may change too, as I try out different templates. That may prove a bit disconcerting too. Sorry! Again, I’ve tried to keep that possibility as small as possible.

On the positive side, the site will have a more modern, cleaner interface. It will be much easier to read on a tablet or a mobile phone. I resisted changing the design for a long time, because according to the site analytics, not many people were viewing the site on a mobile device. But then it occurred to me that this could merely be a self-fulfilling prophecy: perhaps people weren’t viewing it on a mobile device because it wasn’t a great experience.

I’ve already changed another website, www.writersknowhow.org to a mobile-friendly template. It looks good, but I am having a few teething troubles. I won’t change this website until I’ve sorted out the problems on that one. Please bear with me!

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