ResearchEd Tech conference

Saturday 17th October sees the first (and hopefully not the last) ResearchEd Tech conference. This is ResearchEd with a technology focus. At the time of writing there appear to be just 5 tickets remaining. However, the intention is to live stream as many sessions as possible. The hashtag to look out for is #rEDtech. 

I’ll be speaking at the event, along with others such as Oliver Quinlan, Donald Clark, Ty Goddard, Sarah Horrocks, Bob Harrison  and Angela McFarlane, Kate Atkins , Natalia Kucirkova, and others. See the Eventbrite page for the full list and more details.

The event is being organised by Tom Bennett, who doesn’t hate technology as much as he seems to lead people to think. Here’s an article he wrote to put the record straight: What I really think of ed tech