A bit of a tiff

Here’s a little tip for you: don’t upload stuff at past midnight, especially if you’re running on adrenalin and strong tea. Last night I wrote and published an article, accompanied by some great screenshots. The screen grabs were in TIFF format, and I vaguely thought, when I saw the results, “Oh, I wonder why they are actually showing up; the web doesn’t like TIFFs.”

Lovers' Tiff, by Louise Docker http://www.flickr.com/photos/aussiegall/

Well, I still have no idea why they showed up, because they certainly didn’t when I re-read the article this morning. That is all sorted now.

So, if you were a bit bemused by the white space staring you in the face after text like “as shown below”, that’s the explanation. So please do read, or re-read, the article called  6 Ways to respond to requests for pointless data, now newly-complete with illustrations!