Articles you may have missed

If you’re enjoying (if that’s the right word) your return to school but would still like something else to think about, here’s a list of some of the articles published on this website over the summer break. New articles will be coming soon.

The articles referenced here cover:

  • Bring Your Own Technology
  • Blogging
  • Using a search engine
  • Creating a stimulating classroom environment
  • A forthcoming conference from Dyslexia Action (Load2Learn)
  • Helping new staff
  • Games Addiction

BYOT: the policy that dare not speak its name? 

Are more schools adopting a Bring Your Own Technology approach than are admitting to it?

Why schools should have a hyperlocal blog 

Global reporting is all well and good, but sometimes going extremely local is a much better proposition.

Using the search engine right

Guest contributor Rob Ellis, an independent ICT consultant, discusses the importance of knowing how to search the web to obtain reliable information.

The stimulating classroom

How can you make the ICT classroom a really exciting and stimulating place to be?

Learning about inclusive technologies through collaboration

How can you learn a lot during a very short conference? Use a Collabor8 for Change approach of course! That’s what Dyslexia Action and RNIB have done. This article explains all, and includes details of a forthcoming free conference.

Helping new staff

Some ideas for getting new (ICT) staff up and running quickly.

Games Addiction

Are boys addicted to games? Does it matter? And what’s addiction anyway?

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