Off the Grid

I’ve gone offline for a week. No internet, no email, no mobile phone, no nothing. Just before I “disappeared”, I made a supreme effort to catch up with responding to comments, and have suggested a few things you might like to read.

Image by Gerald G in the Open Clip Art Library (see, in light of the comments comment I made above, I thought you might like this article from way back when…

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Next, have a look through Learning with E's, Steve Wheeler's blog. Some great stuff there, even though I disagree with a lot of it :-) His latest one, about a man in a hotel room, is excellent.

 Shelley Terrell's Teacher Reboot Camp has plenty to keep you going. Have you tried her 30 goals challenge yet?

If 30 isn't a big enough number for you, take a look at my own series, 31 Days to Become a Better Ed Tech Leader

There's loads of other stuff on the ICT in Education website to look at, and a fair amount on my Writers' Know-how site too.

So, there's plenty there for you to read, not to mention the rest of the internet.

Or you could do as I have done and go offline completely for a week!