Update on Collabor8 4 Change

Here is a quick news flash:

We now have over 100 people attending Collabor8 4 Change, and there are only 46 tickets left. We are in the process of finalising the sessions schedule, and will be publishing more details shortly. If you wish to run a discussion, I must receive details via the registration form (click the link given earlier) by 16:00 GMT today for it to stand any chance of being accepted – and even then I may have to put it on the reserve list.

In the meantime, we have extended the time the tickets will be available to Saturday 17:00.

To find out more about this awe-inspiring, brilliant, wonderful, life-changing event (I used to understate everything before the Collabor8 4 Change phenomenon), here are some links:

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BETT Radio (mp3)

More news soon!!