Why so many “Found on the web” posts lately?

You may have noticed that quite a few of the articles to appear here recently have been in the form of links headed “Found on the web”. Why?

I do like to write articles rather than just links to interesting or useful websites, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do so. A good compromise I think is to bookmark the links in Diigo, and write a few notes about them. Because I’ve set up Diigo to post bookmarks to my blog up to twice a day, These notes and links then appear as articles under the heading “Found on the web”.

Although there are disadvantages, such as not being able to edit the article tags in advance, or have just a  summary showing on the front page of this website, the advantages outweigh them. At least, they do for me. It all comes down to time: when I make notes on a link in Diigo I give myself permission to be brief, and to not strive to be erudite! My aims are to draw the links to the attention of others, to act as an aid-memoire for myself, and to keep this website up-to-date as a happy by-product.

In fact, it’s this blogging facility which gives Diigo the edge over Delicious, and which is why I said it’s far superior to Delicious.

To find out more about why I like Diigo, read 10 Reasons to use Diigo.


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