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Book review: Go on, bore ‘em: how to make ICT lessons excruciatingly dull

by Jacqui Wilson

BoredI received a very nice review from Jacqui Wilson, a classroom teacher in Tasmania. Is a book about what made ICT boring still relevant if the focus is on Computing? Well I think so, because the issues I highlighted with respect to ICT are in danger of arising again with respect to Computing. Anyway, read what Jacqui says about the book.

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Digital Education December 2014: Double issue, Free resources, 50% discount on ebooks, 75+ links and 10 guest contributors

blog readingThe Spectator does it. The Economist does it. Even children’s comics do it. So I thought: Let’s do it. Let’s make a Christmas double issue of the Digital Education newsletter.

I’d like to be able to say I’d planned it that way right from the start, but that would be something of (to use Winston Churchill’s wonderful expression) a terminological inexactitude. In truth, the November edition was delayed due to a family illness, so it made sense to bring out a bumper edition now so people who subscribe have plenty to keep them going until January! I’ve included articles on a wide variety of topics:

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5 Tech Tools to Inspire More Reading

By Jessica Sanders

The more students read, the higher their reading scores, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Unfortunately, with iPads, cell phones and computers, it’s harder than ever for them to sit down with a book—so old fashioned, right?—and take a few minutes to read.

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Big data: is small beautiful?

My Big Data InfographicAccording to the 2014 Horizon Report for K-12 education (ie Kindergarten to 18 years old), big data and analytics will be adopted by education within the next two to three years. Big data. It’s the current buzzword in education (one of several, at least), but what exactly is it? And is it really of any practical use? And should we be using it anyway?

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December edition of Digital Education–almost there!

celebrationIt is taking me ages to edit this bumper double edition, but I think it will be worth the wait! It should be out soon – possibly even later today. Here’s just some of what it contains:

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The hidden dangers of doing digital business: what schools, teachers and students need to know

Diverted TrafficIn theory, setting yourself up to sell products on the internet is the easiest thing in the world. Once you’ve created the product, you upload it to a 3rd party platform that will handle all the sales and deliveries automatically, and you just sit back and watch the money roll in. If only it were as simple as that. But why would  a school want to do something like that anyway

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Our ebooks may be discontinued

Updated on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 10:26AM by Registered CommenterTerry Freedman, Educational ICT Consultant

Paperless officeNew EU rules on VAT (value-added tax) come into force on 1st January 2015. At present, the tax applied is the rate prevailing in the country of supply. Thus my ebooks are taxed at the rate of 20%. From the beginning of next year, this will change, and the rate of tax applied will be according to the place of purchase.

There are technical difficulties associated with the administration of this approach.

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Hour of Code–this week!

Hour of CodeThe Hour of Code allows anyone to try out coding for the first time by teaching the basics of computer programming in just sixty minutes.

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When it comes to coding, how secure is your network?

Darren Bartlett outlines the options.

IMG_0969With a new Computing curriculum that focuses on students learning to code and writing simple programs it’s important for school ICT and Computing heads, teachers or those responsible for ICT/Computing to make sure their school network is secure and able to handle the new requirements without compromising the rest of the system.

Here are a few considerations to help with that and make sure your data is safe and the students can enjoy exploring new learning securely.

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Encouraging girls to do computing: an economics approach

Discussions about getting more girls to do computing tend to focus on strategies like providing role models or some form of positive discrimination. Unfortunately, providing role models is not always easy, and I disagree with positive discrimination on principle. So what's the alternative?

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5 Tips about reporting to parents

CommunicationYou may not always think so after a long and gruelling parents' evening, but parents are your friends! By keeping them well-informed of their child's progress, you not only keep them happy but also may be able to enlist their assistance.

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My Big Data Infographic

My Big Data InfographicI’ve been working on a long-ish article about big data for my newsletter, Digital Education. To give you a hint of some of my misgivings, here is a diagram I prepared to illustrate some of my points.

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Why can’t assessment be like feedback in eBay?

P1030702.JPGCan eBay teach us anything about assessment? At the Naace 2009 conference, John Davitt made an interesting point. As I recall, he said that when he started selling stuff on eBay he received more feedback on his performance than he’d ever seen in a school.

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3 reasons your kids are bored in Computing lessons, and 9 solutions

Day 2 - BoringAre your students yawning, checking their email, launching paper aeroplanes in your lessons? Perhaps you’re making one of these mistakes.

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Whiteboards: not dead yet

Getting Ready for OLED Technology - A Small Collage of Interactive Wall Applications on Our Smart Boards at the Interactive Interactive Show and Open Houses - Sheridan Interactive Multimedia One Year Post Grad College in OakvilleI heard an interesting snippet from Mike Cladingbowl, National Director at Ofsted, recently. He said that when interactive whiteboards were first introduced, Ofsted inspectors saw an increase in “chalk and talk”. Hardly surprising, because interactive whiteboards made chalk and talk, ie teaching from the front, easier.

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