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Amazing Web 2.0 Projects

It’s been downloaded over 35,000 times. I’m hoping to create a similar Computer Education Projects book, which will also be free. Find out how you can help by reading this article:

The Amazing Computer Education Projects Book

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The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The Book

Charles Babbage from 2D GogglesIf, like me, you enjoy reading comics and graphic novels, and are interested in Computing, you may already be familiar with the blog called 2D Goggles Or The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. This relates the story of the development of the Difference Engine and other aspects of the lives of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. Their adventures are based on (mostly) real events and episodes, with a lot of poetic licence thrown in! I thoroughly recommend reading the adventures, and I suggest encouraging your students to do so too. It will help them learn about the development of computing and computer programming in an enjoyable way.

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More testimonials about my Assessing Computing course

TerryI don’t usually like to blow my own trumpet/toot my own horn, but I thought these comments were so nice that I’d share them. I’m one of those people who, if I see a delegate looking a bit fed up, I start to wonder if they are going to storm out and demand their money back or something. I mean, it could be that they are worried about their gas bill, or that that is just their normal expression, but I start to worry anyway. So nice comments are always a bonus. Look at this one, for example:

Handsome, debonair and erudite, the presenter dazzled us with his brilliance and –

Oh, wait a minute. That’s my own self-evaluation.

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Computational thinking and spreadsheets

In order to try to solve a problem using a spreadsheet, which is a tool for modelling or simulation, you have to do the following things:

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A Self-publishing journey

Starting tomorrow, a new series of occasional posts about my research into self-publishing.

The first two articles are:

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My funky new newsletter button

haircutI decided to change the sign-up button for my newsletter, Digital Education. Why? Why not? This is what it looks like now:

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Review of Business for Authors

Business for AuthorsYou might think that a book about making money from your writing other than from royalties has nothing much to do with teaching Computing, but it definitely has, for a number of reasons.

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Why you should collaborate on a Computing scheme of work

All ToylikeAt the end of the article 7 Characteristics of a good Computing Scheme of Work I said that people should work with other people on their Computing scheme of work. Why?

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7 Characteristics of a good Computing Scheme of Work

So what are the attributes of a good ICT and Computing scheme of work? Here's the list of what I've always looked for:

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RM Seminars are here again

This is just a quick heads-up. From this week, RM are once again running their free all-day seminars. I’ve been attending these for a few years now, and they are always worth going to.

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Practical advice for parents to keep their children safe online

Alan MacKenzie"It’s true to say that the vast majority of children, whilst at different levels of risk, will not come to harm.  But what can we as parents do to give ourselves a level of assurance that our children are safe and know what to do if they get into an unfamiliar situation, or one that makes them feel uncomfortable?" Alan MacKenzie gives some practical advice.

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Young people and the internet

hazardous area“Young people can be sensible online – if they want to be”, says Ellie Gregson. Ellie offers a teen’s-eye view of staying safe online.

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Lazy e-safety messages are no help to our children

Simon Finch

"Until adults move on from the dismissive and patronising position of ‘the online world isn’t real or valid’ we will continue to fail in the quality of the support we offer our children."

Simon Finch suggests a much more useful approach.

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Internet Safety


Being safe on the internet is vital. If you’re concerned about being safe on the internet or just want a few ideas of how to be safe you have come to the right place!

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Internet safety articles

Before the half-term break in the UK we had Safer Internet Day. A special edition of my ezine, Digital Education, was published, containing a range of articles about e-safety. Four of those will be published next week on this blog. There are articles of use to parents, teachers and students. Here is the list of articles, and when they will appear.

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Review of Go On, Bore ‘Em: How to make your ICT lessons excruciatingly dull

Claudius at workWhether you're a newly qualified teacher starting out on your career, an experienced classroom practitioner, or somewhere in between, you will find something to take away from Terry Freedman's digital publication Go On Bore ‘Em, says Ben Davies.

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