Growing Knowledge

OK, because of the insanity of the deadlines I’m up against I’m going to have to say this fast, so you will have to listen fast. If you’re in London over the next week or so, there is a great exhibition you should go to.

This is Growing Knowledge, at the British Library. Click the link for more information. I was hoping to be able to say more about it, and perhaps I will be able to do so soon, but the reason for this ultra-rapid mention is that the exhibition finishes on 16th July. It’s all about the evolution of research, and is quite, quite fascinating. Shelly Terrell loved it too. It’s well-worth going to see, and is free, so what’s not to like?

I’d also like to thank Nora Daly of the British Library, who took the time to show us around and give us the benefit of her knowledge of the exhibits.

If you’re interested in research, and digital research – which is not just about looking stuff up in Google or Wikipedia – you need to see this exhibition!


See this article about it as well.


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