Upcoming online discussions for ICT co-ordinators

As you may know, I’ve been asked to conduct a few “Teachshares” – online discussions – for Vital. I’ve arranged the next two, and I’ll post details of others once they’ve been finalised. The next one is today, so read this quickly!

Mobile technology

Discussion on why mobile technology is a game-changer, with Mike Searson, on 21st June at 7pm.

We had a brilliant discussion, notwithstanding some technical problems. Hear about the school that has 6,000 laptops (guess where)!

View the Elluminate Live! recording

It starts with an introduction from me at around 2 minutes 46 seconds, but the main part doesn't start until around 13 minutes 45 seconds because of technical issues: just move the slider at the bottom of the screen along to the right.

You'll have to drive the Prezi slideshow yourself. Here's the link to that:


Background reading for this session:

The school where students MUST have a mobile device

Mobile learning and life skills

Reimagining schools: The potential of virtual education -- from the British Journal of Educational Technology. Link provided by Mike, who says:

Although the article is ostensibly about virtual education (in K-12), it argues that, today, such work must be coupled with mobile devices.


Discuss haptics in education with Professor Margaret Cox on 28th June at 7pm UK time by clicking here.

Background viewing for this session:

Rather than my attempting to explain what is meant by haptics, I think it would be better for you to watch this video about Margaret’s work in haptics. The video lasts just over 6 minutes.

Crisis management?

5th July: Education in a crisis, with Di Brooks, from Christchurch, New Zealand. Di, who runs the excellent ICT in Education blog in New Zealand (no connection to this website), will talk on the topic: Life without connectivity: education in a crisis. Join the discussion!

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