A week to remember

People visit the ICT in Education website because they have an interest in ICT in education rather than in my private life, which is why I never post anything deeply personal here. However, recent personal events have affected my working life, the most visible evidence of this being the lack of updates here for nearly two weeks. Less publicly, a number of emails have remained unanswered. Here is what has happened during this period.

My sister passed away after a relatively short, but painful, battle with a particular form of soft tissue sarcoma, which is a type of cancer. The type with which my sister was diagnosed is incurable, and she could be offered only palliative care. (If you would like to find out more about soft tissue sarcoma, look at the Sarcoma information website  and the cancer research website.)

Shortly afterwards, my mother contracted an infection. This proved to be fatal, and she too passed away a few days later. I am now in the process of easing myself back into work, and hope to be able to resume updating this website on a regular basis between catching up with emails, and working.