Update on the Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book


As featured in the TES!

Find out all about the book from here. It’s free!

In case you already know about it, I have a confession:

Thanks to Nyree Scott, of Christ Church University, Canterbury, for pointing out an error to me: Year 1 is 5-6 year olds, not 6-7 year olds. Don't know how I came to make such a daft mistake, but it's all corrected now!

And now for some up-to-date stats:

The Myebook version has been read 2,759 times.

The Slideshare version has been read 625 times.

The Scribd version has been read 586 times.

The YouPublish version has been read 14 times. (Come on, be fair: I only published it there properly last night, and I haven’t even told anyone about until now!)

It has been downloaded 15,143 times.