Getting Teachers Engaged With Technology

Listen to Shelly Terrell giving us her ideas on how to get other teachers using technology in their subjects. Drew Buddie and I are running a series of Teachshares -- online discussions with guest speakers. Last week we had our first session, and here are the details of the room for the second session. This takes place at 7pm UK time on Tuesday 9th November. Use the world clock to work out what time it is where you are. Please note that our clocks went back an hour last week, so we are no longer on British Summertime. Shelly Terrell will be looking at how to encourage non-specialists to use technology in their lessons, especially given that they may not even want to or feel the need to. She will be drawing on the work of Seth Godin, so it should be an interesting session.

Please let everyone know about this – tell all your friends and non-friends Smile If you tweet about it, please use the hashtags #vitalcpd and #sictco – thank you!